Comics and the Cross

Ramblings of an American Scotsman and his Love for God and Comic Books!

About Me


My name’s Paul and welcome to my blog.

I am originally from the town of Bellshill in Scotland but I now live in Richmond, VA in the United States of America. I am married to an amazing and beautiful woman named Hannah and we are expecting our first child before the end of the year and I am very excited about becoming a dad.

I don’t quite know why I started this blog when I originally began it back in 2013 but for whatever reason it quickly fell to the wayside during life happening and I never really returned to it until 2016. I decided to use the blog to write about three things; life, faith and comics (hence the blogs name comics and the cross).

I wanted to share my life to a) keep my friends and family updated on my life now I live so far away from them and b) I have so many people following my story after the journey of Hannah and I getting married (if you don’t know maybe I will write about it one day) then why not continue sharing and share with more people too.

I wanted to write about faith so that I could share my journey with God and also help to encourage people with my own experiences. I accepted Jesus as my savior at the age of 9 and have grown up in the church and want to share my walk as a Christian and all the ups and downs that have come with it and tell people why Jesus Christ is so important to me.

And I am a 100% bonafied geek and whether it’s Comic Books, Movies or TV and whether it is Superheroes, Sci-Fi or Fantasy, I wanted a chance to talk and share about that passion with all of you.

So please take off your coat, kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable. Please check out all of my posts and feel free to comment and share on them and if you enjoy them then please give them a like. And feel free to ask questions and leave ideas of anything you would like me to write about too.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I accidently trashed your comment on my about page while I was trying to ask a question…Woops, my apologies!….Do you know of anyway to shorten links? I have a few in the post I am writing and feel it will be hard to read.

    1. When writing your blog there is a button at the top to add links, when you can click on it you can enter the link and whatever text you want the link to say. Like I make it say here, so I write to read click here

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