For the last few months there has been one show that I have heard everybody talking about, and that show is the new  Netflix Original series, “Stranger Things”. People seem to have nothing but great things to say about this show. After hearing all of this I decided that I would check it out myself, breaking my unofficial tradition of watching popular shows years after people have forgotten about them, I watched Stranger Things a mere 2 months after it’s release, now that alone should tell you how much of an impact this show is making.


Amazingly, as much as people have been talking about Stranger Things, I actually knew very little about the plot and premise going in which allowed me to enjoy the show as it grew and developed without any real idea of the conclusion they were building towards.

I began watching this 8 episode adventure last Saturday morning and began to binge watch it every opportunity I got for the rest of the week, and finishing it this past Saturday. Stranger Things is such a well-written and well thought-out show which had me hooked from the very beginning and had me craving to know what happened next.


I want to give you a small synopsis just incase you are curious about seeing Stranger Things but still haven’t checked it out for yourself yet, but I don’t want to give too much away and let you experience it the best way possible.

Set in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana in 1983, the main premise of the story surrounds the disappearance of a 12 year-old boy, Will, who goes missing in the woods around his house under suspicious circumstances. His 3 friends; Mike, Dustin and Lance, go searching for him in the woods (which the boys name Mirkwood after The Hobbit) and instead come across a young girl called Eleven (nicknamed El for short) with a near shaved head and wearing a hospital gown. They take her home and quickly find out that things aren’t as simple as they seem when El starts to display superhuman powers.


I am a big fan of complex stories and of people that are able to plan them out and weave together so many different character’s stories and bring them together to a grand and satisfactory conclusion. Not only do we see the boys and El’s story but we follow the stories of Mike’s sister Nancy and her friend Barb, Will’s brother Jonathan, Will’s mom Joyce as she searches for her son and Police Chief Hopper as he leads the investigation into Will’s disappearance. We are able to follow each of these character’s separate journeys as well as see them all interconnect with one another beautifully as the show progresses.

The Duffer Brothers have achieved a great  form of storytelling that so many others have attempted and yet failed at. You can clearly see they have taken the time to craft this story and do an amazing job of making sure that very little, if anything, of what takes place in the 8 episodes is merely filler, but rather you honestly feel like it has all been well placed and that everything has a reason for being the way it is.




My one hesitation with Stranger Things comes now that it has been confirmed to be getting a second season. And that is when a TV show starts on such a high note and with such critical acclaim, it can often fall short when it tries to continue the story when in fact it should have been left as a standalone season. I have no idea if The Duffer Brothers have a well crafted and planned out story going beyond the events of Season 1 but I hope and pray that they do. If not, then we could Stranger Things joining my list, as well as many other people’s, of TV Shows that started well and then declined.

But only time will tell.

For now, Stranger Things remains a show that people will be talking about for a long time and if you haven’t seen it yet, then I would highly recommend you check it out for yourselves.


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