It has been quite sometime since I wrote about my pregnant wife, Hannah, and our beautiful baby, about 4 months to be exact. You can check out my original post here.


Now Hannah has just passed the 30 week mark meaning that we will have a new addition to the family in roughly 10 weeks (or anywhere from 8-12 weeks as they can’t be exact about it).

The only real update I have given since my initial post, which you can see here, since then was that I was building furniture for the nursery but apart from that I really haven’t been keeping you guys updated on what’s been happening and I’m sorry that you haven’t experienced the last 4 months of the journey with me.

I want to try and let you know most of what’s been happening and honestly a lot has happened in such a short amount of time.

This biggest news was that in July we had our second Ultrasound and we found out that we are having a baby boy! I honestly don’t know how couples go without knowing as I was way too curious and now I am so excited that I am awaiting the arrival of my son. Also we are glad we found out the gender as there is basically nothing neutral for baby clothes or nursery decorations, everything is geared heavily towards either boy or girl and I don’t think we could have fully prepared for his arrival without knowing he is a boy.

Also, we do have a name picked out but I am not going to let you guys know it today. My wife doesn’t want to officially announce the name online anywhere just yet, we are only telling people in person at the moment and I want to request her wishes. But I will be posting about our boy in December when he is born and let you know his name.


My parents visited from Scotland in July, you can read about my trip with them to New York and Washington D.C. here. But the weekend before our great adventure, Hannah and I decided to take advantage of my parents being in States and do a gender reveal video, that I streamed live on Facebook, in which both grandma’s were given a wrapped box that had another wrapped box inside of it and then in the second box was a teddy bear along with blue colored tissue paper, baby boy confetti and a teddy bear along with superhero pins that would reveal the baby’s gender as a boy. Both grandma’s were competing head to head and Hannah’s mom wrecked my mum in the competition. My mum wasn’t even close to winning, she was still opening the first box when Hannah’s mom was opening the second one and revealing the gender.

You can check out the video below:


Also in the last 4 months we have made some massive strides with getting the nursery ready aside from my manly furniture building feats that I have already mentioned.

The theme for decorating the nursery is elephants and stars with a color scheme of blues, grays and whites. We decided that, as we are in a rented house just now, there was no point in painting and fully decorating when we will be looking to move in the near future, so we opted for wall decals and pictures to hang around the room to make it his own. You can see the decals below and we will be hanging the pictures in the next couple of weeks.

Below are some pictures from this morning of the room as it currently is. We have done quite a lot but there are still a number of pieces of furniture to assemble and a few more things to buy but for the most part we are ready for our baby boy to lay his head down in his first bedroom.




Oh, and we are not lacking in clothes for our little guy. While my parents visited us, grandparents of both sides decided to let it all go and buy every possible outfit and piece of clothing they thought would be cute and they wanted to see their grandson in. He is pretty much fully dressed from birth to the age of 3 at this point apart from a few bits a pieces.


I am so so excited to finally meet my son in just 10 weeks and I cannot wait to let all of you meet him too. Undoubtedly he is going to become a staple and a star of my blog time and time again and I hope you are all looking forward to seeing his many adventures. And I am sure that he will charm you all and win your hearts as he has already done mine.

Look for the official birth announcement in just 8-12 weeks.

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