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Day 2 at Wizard World and Jake and I were there bright and early for just after the doors opened at 9am on Saturday morning.

We had a few missions for today. I had one final comic that hadn’t been signed the day before that I wanted signed and then I had 3 celebrities that I really wanted to meet and get them to sign some special items I had brought with me. Jake’s mission was to go to Neal Adams table and get his commissioned piece of Artwork from him but not to rush over there right away and appear too overly eager in rushing him.

We headed to artist alley first where I began searching for Mikey Babinski, who I had searched for multiple times before the previous night, and finally found so that he could sign my Scarlet Spider #1 and thus completing my goal of getting all of the comics I had brought with me to the Convention signed by their respective artists.


Then, before Jake burst out of his body, we headed to Neal Adam’s table so that he could get his commissioned piece of artwork of Deadpool and Ghost Rider which, in all honesty, looked absolutely amazing and I still can’t believe he got a cover like that for only $150.


And, as he was promised, here is Jake’s picture with comic book legend, Neal Adams.


To kill some time until the celebrities came to their booth to begin signings, we looked round some of the stalls and I wanted to see if there were anymore rare comics to find while I was there.

We then ventured over to a stall we had seen on Friday which had been swamped with people but now it was quieter and we decided to look at some of his stock. I almost bought a Green Lantern/Green Arrow comic from the original run for Neal Adams to sign as apposed to the rerun of the series which I had gotten him to sign before.

But, thankfully, I waited and continued to look as I found a rare comic that was never reprinted because it had never become popular enough but has seen a lot more people talking about it since Disney adapted the movie a couple of years ago. I am of course, talking about Big Hero 6.


We made our way to one other Comic stall where I had gotten a couple of comics the day before and found a few more to add to my collection. 3 issues of Brigade and 2 issues of Booster Gold. All for a very low price.


We walked past the same stall where I had gotten Big Hero 6 again and seen the stall owner holding a copy of Green Lantern/Green Arrow #85 and had to ask about it. Unfortunately he wasn’t selling but there was another copy for sale on his top shelf. This is a rare comic, a first printing from the original run and opened a massive step into drug storylines in comics as Green Arrow finds out his sidekick, Speedy, is a drug addict. I bought this for $80, which seems a lot until you realize that one in that condition costs about $200. And then I was also able to get Neal Adams, the artist of the comic to sign it as well.



We then headed over to the celebrity signings as that was my main purpose for the day. I noticed that one of the celebrities that I wanted a signature from, Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys/God’s Not Dead) was at his table 1 1/2 hours ahead of schedule, I decided to wait and see if we could see him early and we were able to. Not only that, I ended up being first in line. I said a little more to him than A.J. Styles and let him know I was a fan of his work. I had the opportunity for a photograph too for an extra $20 which I never took and I wish I had but nonetheless, I walked away with my signature from him.


Then Jake decided that he would like to get Ray Park’s (Star Wars: Episode I, G.I. Joe Retalliation) autograph. He bought a Darth Maul pop from one of the stalls and made his way into the queue. I never got an autograph from him but watching him with fans for a while I wish I had gotten one because he seems like a really cool guy, and he’s Scottish as well which just adds to his awesome.

While Jake was in line for him, I got into line for Jason David Frank (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) as a line was already forming half an hour before he was scheduled to start his autograph session. While in line though, I did get a cool shot of Ray Park.img_0232

Jason David Frank was unfortunately about 30 minutes late to his session, but when he arrived he did a live Facebook picture and then Live video wanting us all to say hi from Wizard World. Ray Park decided he wanted to be involved in the video and decided to stand right next to me with just a small wobbly rail between us. #ScotsmenUniteimg_0233

I then got to meet Jason David Frank and have a picture with one of my childhood heroes and this was definitely a highlight for me and well worth the wait.


I also bought a Tokyo Vinyl figurine of the White Ranger (Who JDF played) that was an exclusive at San Diego Comic Con 2015 for him to sign and here is the finished product.


We were there for so long that it was now lunchtime. I was also hoping to get an autograph from Jewel Staite (Firefly, Stargate Atlantis) but her queue was massive and I was so tired and hungry I decided it would be best for us to go for a lunch break and then come back for Jewel Staite’s next autograph session a few hours later.

We decided to go to Chuy’s for lunch where we gorged ourselves on food as we were so hungry and made our way back to Wizard World. I think we had decided that I would get my final celebrity signature then, as we had become so low on money, we would use the last of our money and not attend the 3rd day. There would be no point going for another whole day with very little money to our name.

I rushed to the line for Jewel Staite, abandoning Jake as he was made to empty the water in his water bottles before entering for some reason, as it was after her autograph session start time and I wanted to get as far up the queue as I could after the long wait in Jason David Frank’s line. Thankfully she hadn’t started yet and the line wasn’t too long. After a little waiting, and snapping a picture of James Marsters who happened to be at the booth next to us;


Jewel Staite arrived and I got to shake her hand, talk to her a little bit and had her sign a Firefly cast photo that I had bought for the event. I think I had gotten in my groove with talking to celebrities as I had an actual conversation with her (although the guy in the line before me kinda stole my thing, he was Scottish too) and Jewel is honestly one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met.


I then quickly headed to Neal Adams table, which was when I had him Sign Green Lantern/Green Arrow #85 and that was the end of our plans for the afternoon.

We then decided to spend the last of our money, Jake bought a Carnage Funko Pop figurine he had been eyeing up for 2 days and I was torn between getting a couple of comics to finish my money or a statue. And after some debate, I returned to Michael Golden’s table and bought his Wizard World exclusive variant for Civil War and had him sign it for me.


And bought a Nightwing #1, which I bartered $10 off of at Jake’s suggestion (which was awesome as it cost $30 and I had $28 left) to finish off my Comic Con money.


That was the end of my time at Wizard World Richmond 2016 and I had an absolutely amazing time. I will probably try to go next year but maybe just for the one day and for specific things as well. My next big Con that I want to try and go to is New York Comic Con but it might be a while before I am able to make it there.

To finish off this post, here are some of the Cosplayers I was able to see on Day 2;









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