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Well, I am completely blown away. 1 day after I received a nomination for The Liebster Award, I received my second nomination for The Liebster Award!

It honestly means a lot to me to have been nominated for this award not once but twice, and within a couple of days. I hope that this means that I am doing something right with my blog and that those that are reading and following Comics and the Cross are enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy getting to write them.

A big thank you to CurlyGirlAbroad for this nomination! And I decided that I would do the second post and use it to challenge myself by making it as different from the first Liebster Award post as much as I can. Also a big thank you for enjoying my blog so much and wanting to share it with your readers. And if you haven’t checked out CurlyGirlAbroad’s blog then I highly recommend reading it.


“The word “liebster” means “dearest” or “favorite” in German, and the tag is used to spread the love awareness for the smaller bloggers in the community.” — SBD

So here is how the Liebster Award works:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you
  2. Write 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated you
  4. Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated
  5. Come up with 11 questions for the bloggers you’re nominating

And my own 6th Rule, I have to make my answers to everything different as much as possible from the previous Liebster Award post.


11 Random Facts

Really? D’you know how hard it was trying to get 11 facts about myself for the previous post. Lol, in all honesty I will try and write 11 new random facts but I promise nothing.

  1. My favorite movie is probably The Shawshank Redemption. I have a hard time picking just one movie but in my mind that one works as I literally watched it back to back as soon as I finished it.
  2. I am going to be attending Wizard World Comic Con in Richmond next weekend which will be my first Comic Con and I have bought a number of memorabilia and comics that I am hoping to get signed while I am there.
  3. I used to ridiculously watch a number of TV shows and binge watch them when at all possible. But since I am no longer unemployed or single I have either fallen behind or dropped a number of the shows I used to watch religiously.
  4. I have a strange mind when it comes to something being popular. I can be a massive fan of something while it is a cult hit and an unknown but when it become massively popular I can sometimes go off of it. Prime example is Deadpool. I used to be a massive Deadpool fan and collect and read his comics but now that he is ridiculous over-popular it has actually put me off of him and reading his comics.
  5. I am actually a Diabetic. I was diagnosed about 4 years ago while in my mid twenties. I am currently on medication to control my blood sugar levels.
  6. I currently work as a youth leader with my church and I have been working with youth since 2005 with only a 2 year hiatus when I initially moved to America.
  7. I have become a big fan of American Ninja Warrior and thoroughly love seeing the athleticism and people from all walks of life coming together to compete. My favorite runner is Geoff Britten who actually became the first American Ninja Warrior last year.
  8. I have officially visited 4 States in the U.S.A. but want to try and visit all 50 at least once.
  9. I have never traveled into Europe beyond the U.K. and would love to spend some time visiting all the different countries and cultures there.
  10. I am currently trying to drop weight with a goal of reaching 210lbs.
  11. I am an only child, I don’t have any brothers or sisters and I think that added to my love for quiet time and alone time.

Answers to CurlyGirlAbroad’s Questions

  1. Boat or plane? Boat. There is something I love about standing at the edge of a boat watching it pass through the water that I find really relaxing.
  2. Do you have a favourite quote you’d like to share? A pessimist sees Difficulty in every Opportunity. An Optimist sees Opportunity in every Difficulty. – Winston Churchill
  3. The same question iMac asked me, but I thought it was a good one: If you could spend the day with any blogger you’ve met on this site, who would it be? Honestly most of the bloggers seem amazing but I will go with my previous answer to this question. BeautyBeyondBones as she seems like an amazing person with an amazing story and faith and Natalie from But Why? as it has been really good getting to chat with her via social media recently. I highly recommend checking out their blogs.
  4. Favourite book? Honestly I don’t read many books for fun, pretty much just read comics. But I read for my personal study and I think a couple of books that I adored and helped me in my life and relationship were The Measure of a Man and For Men Only. But if I was to recommend a recreational read it would be the comic series Injustice: Gods Among Us, it has been a highly enjoyable series!
  5. Favourite tv-series? Now you are asking a tough one. I think my all time favorite is “Firefly” but I also have developed a love for “Person of Interest” too.
  6. What makes you angry? Cruelty to animals really gets me angry, and to children as well. I don’t like seeing someone/something unable to defend itself having aggression taken out on it.
  7. Do you either trust people until they break your trust, or do you rather not trust people until they prove you can trust them? I think I have a certain level of trust with someone until they break that trust, but it is a low level trust and until I know them well enough, then I have more trust in them with more things.
  8. Do you like musicals? If so which one is your favourite? I actually love musicals, never thought I would say that and my utter favorite is definitley Les Miserables which I had the pleasure of seeing live on Broadway just a few months ago.
  9. Do you have a guilty pleasure? It depends on what you mean by guilty pleasures. Fodd wise, although trying to eat healthy I have a great love for burgers and fries and Coke Zero. TV wise I will probably watch crappy reality TV Shows if I could. And Movie wise I am sure there are plenty of movies that are guilty pleasures but are actually awful movies.
  10. Is there something on your blog you’d like to improve or receive more feedback on? Probably my writing content and style and to know if people receive it well and enjoy it. I am always looking for ways to increase readership.
  11. Favourite holiday destination? Probably the vacation I took with my wife to Washington D.C. last year. I don’t know what it was about living their but I absolutely loved the short time we had there and gave me a greater appreciation and love for America.




I did nominate a number of bloggers in my previous post, who you should definitley go and check out, but instead of rehashing the same list I wanted to share some more blogger recommendations for you to check out.


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Your Questions

I decided to use the same questions as my previous post because I am honestly interested to see the answers from this set of nominees as well.

  1. What is your favorite Undersea Creature?
  2. Why did you initially start your blog?
  3. Are you writing for the same reasons or has it changed over time?
  4. If you could only tell me one interesting thing about yourself, what would it be?
  5. What is your favorite name for a pet?
  6. What one piece of advise would you give to a fellow blogger to help them out?
  7. If you could live anywhere in the world that spoke a different language, where would it be?
  8. If you could meet any blogger you have connected with in person, who would it be? (Stole this question from iMac😉 )
  9. Who is your all time favorite actor/actress?
  10. What is the last song you just listened to?
  11. What one thing do you think the world needs to make it better? (And expand on it, can’t be as generic as just saying love.)




Thank you for this second Liebster Award and thank you to all of my amazing readers for checking out my blog and continuing to follow me and read my ramblings on life. I greatly, greatly appreciate it.

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