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Television is something that has become such a massive part of our lives.

Whether we are watching Cable, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon and whether we are watching on a Smart TV, 3-D TV or even on a tablet or Smart Phone, most of us have at least one show that is a can’t miss and when it ends we feel satisfied and sad that it has reached it’s conclusion (although sometimes that may be premature).

I am of course no different and there are a number of TV shows that I have watched and both thoroughly enjoyed and been disappointed by. I do have my own routine for watching shows though, most of which I finally watch years after its ended and everyone is done talking about them.

Nonetheless, I wanted write a blog where I would talk about some of the TV shows (There are many more I could add to each list), that I have enjoyed and recommend them for others so they can hopefully enjoy some of the amazing shows that I have gotten to see.

I did find that they fell into two categories though, those that were successfully good, or at least close to it, for their entire run and those that started well and then just declined in my opinion.

So this is Part 1 and look out for Part 2 coming at a later date.

With all that said, let’s dive on into the list.

1) Avatar: The Last Airbender

Number of Seasons: 3


Avatar is a story set in a world split between four nations; the Air Nomads, the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation. Each nation is different from the others in every way. Some of the people, known as ‘Benders’, have the ability to control one of the four elements; Earth, Fire, Air or Water.

There is also the Avatar, a reincarnated Bender, who has the ability to control all four elements and bring balance to them, as well as balance to the real world and the spiritual world. The latest incarnation, Aang, is a 12 year old Air Nomad when he finds out he is the Avatar. ScareD of the responsibility, he runs away and is frozen for 100 years. During this time, the Fire Nation attacks and begins to invade and take over most of the world. Aang is then found by Katara and Sokka of the water tribe, he learns he is the last Air Nomad and the only one capable of defeating the Fire Nation

Some may wonder why an animated children’s show is my number one pick, but this show transcended being a mere children’s show and was a once in a lifetime, lightning in a bottle series with amazing writing, phenomenal characters and a story you will be invested in  from episode one until Aang versus the Fire Lord in Book 3.

You can purchase the entire series here.

2) Firefly

Number of Seasons: 1 + 1 Theatrical Movie (Serenity)


This Sci-Fi Western from Joss Whedon was cancelled after just 1 Season but is probably more popular today that it was when it was released in 2002.

The crew of Serenity lead by Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), a former Sergeant for the Independent army,  are a group of smugglers who take on any jobs they can get, whether legal or illegal. When taking on some paying passengers they unwittingly take on a brother and sister on the run from the Alliance after Simon broke his incredibly smart and psychic sister out of a top level Alliance facility where she was being experimented on.

During the season we learn how the crew members each came Serenity and about the bonds they develop with each other while also avoiding the Alliance, taking on Reavers (cannibalistic non-men), Mal’s ‘wife’ Saffron (Christina Hendricks), dealing with Badger (Mark Sheppard) a low-life with delusions of grandeur, breaking into an Alliance Hospital and Mal getting into a sword fight over Inara’s (Morena Baccarin) honor.

In my opinion, Joss Whedon’s best work to date and after nearly 15 years, still one of the best Sci-Fi shows to grace our television screens and well worth watching.

You can purchase the Firefly TV show here and the Serenity movie here.

3) 24

Number of Seasons: 9 + 1 TV Movie

24 Legacy Premiere Date: 2017


A show based around the life of Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) Director/Agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and is unique as it takes place in real time, with each Season representing one day in the life of Jack with every episode being just one hour within that day.

We join Jack during 10 different days across his life spread out with 18 months – 4 years between the events of each season. Across the series we see Jack deal with numerous threats including; an assassination attempt of a Presidential Candidate, threat of a nuclear bomb going off in L.A., release of a deadly virus, an African Warlord recruiting child soldiers, a terrorist attack in London and a number of other threats. Filled with Family, Love, Friendship, betrayal, drug addiction, faking his death and going into hiding and being illegally imprisoned in an overseas prison. We go on an amazing journey with Jack Bauer watching as one man is willing to sacrifice everything he has in order to protect the world.

24 is a well written and well planned out series filled with action, drama and suspense and each episode will have you clamoring for what happens in the next hour and each season leaving you wanting to know what happens in the next chapter of Jack’s life.

You can purchase Seasons 1-8 & Redemption here and 24: Live Another Day here.

4) Person of Interest

Number of Seasons: 5


Presumed dead, ex-CIA operative John Reese (Jim Caviezel) is enlisted by mysterious billionaire Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) to assist in his private operation. Finch created a highly advance surveillance computer known as The Machine to detect acts of terror but the machine also detects violent crimes of everyday people. With only the Social Security Number of the person in question, and unaware if this person is a victim or perpetrator, Finch and Reese must attain knowledge of the person and find where they may be involved in a violent crime.

Along the way they grow their enterprise and also enlist help from some NYPD Detectives and their jobs are made more difficult by rising Crime Boss Carl Elias (Enrico Colantoni), Expert hacker Root (Amy Acker), who wants to set The Machine free, Dirty Cop organization H.R.and American government officials who seek to alter The Machine for their own uses.

I found Person of Interest to be a very gripping, well written show. With amazing time taken to create amazing character stories and place them in a unique Sci-Fi take on the popular cop drama style of TV show.

You can Purchase Seasons 1-4 here and Season 5 here.

5) Psych

Number of Seasons: 8


A unique and comedic take on the Sherlock story of a Private Investigator with amazing observational and deduction skills hired by the police to help with investigations.

Meet Shawn Spencer (Jame Roday), a no hoper with no drive or ambition in life and quite happy to jump from menial job to menial job. However, Police officer father (Corbin Bernsen) trained his observational skills from a young age but after numerous anonymous calls to the Police with clues that helped close the cases, the police identify him as the caller and begin to suspect him of the crimes as the information he has could only come from the ‘inside’. Instead of explaining his ability, Shawn claims he knew this because he was a Psychic, displaying his ‘psychic’ powers the police. The Interm chief of police tells Shawn if he is faking his ability then he will be prosecuted, causing him to continue the charade.

Shawn opens his own Psychic Detective Agency called ‘Psych’ with is unwilling partner in crime Burton ‘Gus’ Guster (Dulé Hill), a Pharmaceutical Rep and Shawn’s best friend since childhood. With jokes, cowardice and random 80’s reference, Shawn and Gus’s partnership makes Psych an amazingly enjoyable show and well worth checking out.

You can purchase the entire Season here.

6) The Flash

Number of Seasons: 2

Season 3 Premiere date: October 4th 2016



As a child, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) witnesses the murder of his mother, but when he tells the police that he seen flashes of lighting and a man in the middle of it, everyone believes he is in shock. With his father imprisoned for his mother’s murder. Barry becomes a Forensic Investigator with the Central City police Department and begins to seek out strange and supernatural cases in order to find answers to his mother’s murder and to clear his name.

Then, at Star Labs an Advance Particle Accelerator being unveiled malfunctions and bathes the entire city in radiation during  a severe thunderstorm. This causes a lightning bolt to strike Barry’s forensic office while he is in it and places him into a comma. Once he awakens he finds that he can move at Superhuman speed and under the tutelage of Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) he begins to understand his abilities and seeks out his mother’s killer, the mysterious Reverse Flash.

Amazingly with my love of comic books this is the only Superhero TV Show on my list. This is without a doubt though, the best Superhero TV show on television today. The Flash seeks to use the ‘realism’ that a lot of Superhero shows/movies try to ground themselves in while at the same time keeping the Barry’s happy and hopeful personality intact. It also completely embraces the comic book world it is set in and does not shy away from the surrealism that Comic Books are meant to allow us to experience.

If you are unsure about Superhero TV Shows, Check out the Flash as it is a good starting step into those worlds.

You can Purchase Season 1 here and Season 2 here.

7) Stargate SG-1

Number of Seasons: 10 + 2 TV Movies & 1 Theatrical Movie


Probably the most successful show on this list and one of the most successful TV shows to hit the airwaves, The sequel series to the Stargate movie, SG-1 reimagined elements of the movie for a long running TV show and along with it’s impressive run it also inspired 2 live action and 1 animated spin off shows within it’s extended universe creating an 18 season, 2 TV movie and 1 Theatrical Movie universe.

SG-1 picks up 1 year after the end of the Movie and sees the beginning of the Stargate Program,a special and secret US Air Force ran operation from inside Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, CO. After the events from the Movie, it is learned that the Stargate doesn’t just access this world but can access numerous gates across the galaxy and creates 20 SG teams to explore these brand new world. General Hammond (Don S. Davis) seeks out retired Colonel, Jack O’Neil (Richard Dean Anderson), who has seen a lot of tragedy which he is still coping with. O’Neil agrees to take charge of the team which also consists of Dr. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), who’s wife is stolen to be the wife of the Goa’uld Apophis, Captain Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) who has a PhD in theoretical astrophysics, and Teal’c (Christopher Judge), a Jaffa who was former first prime for Apophis.

SG-1’s biggest threat throughout the first 7 seasons are the Goa’uld. A snake parasite race that inhabit and take over a host body. They were the original gods of mythology, mostly of Egypt, and enslaved the human race at the time and using the Stargates to transport them all over the galaxy. SG-1 has taken on a number of these Goa’uld, most notably Apophis in early season and Anubis who we see take center stage in Season 6.

This show is so vast but I have never lost interest or excitement in the stories of SG-1 throughout all the seasons and I guarantee if you give the show an opportunity, then it will completely hook you too.

You can Purchase the entire series here.

8) Once Upon a Time

Number of Seasons: 5

Season 6 Premiere Date: September 25 2016


A show that takes fairy tales, folk lore and a few Disney stories and puts a twist on them and interconnects the stories in a great piece of story telling.

The Evil Queen, Regina (Lana Parrilla) crashes the wedding of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) and informs the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forrest that she will enact a curse, that she got from Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle), which will steal all of their happy endings. To protect their baby daughter, Emma, Snow White and Prince Charming place her into a magical wardrobe that takes her to another world and save her from the curse. Once the curse is enacted, everyone from The Enchanted Forrest is transported to the real world, to the seaside town of Storybrooke, ME. Everyone has forgotten their lives and identities from before and lose their happy endings. We see families torn apart, people imprisoned and their lives being made horrible by the towns mayor, Regina. They live this way, unchanging and unaging for the next 28 years.

28 years later we find Emma (Jennifer Morrison) in the real world and is found by her biological son, Henry (Jared Gilmore), who she put her up for adoption when he was born. Henry has sought out his mother as, thanks to a story book he has called ‘Once Upon a Time’, he knows that she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming as well as believing that she is the Savior and the only one capable of breaking the curse on Storybrooke.

Emma believes that he is her son (as she has a ‘superpower’ where she can tell if people are lying) but is very skeptical about the rest. However, she takes him back to Storybrooke and to his adoptive mother who he ran away from, Regina. Emma believes there is something going on and feels that she needs to stay in Storybrooke and investigate.

Once Upon a Time is a well written story that intertwines and re-imagines a number of beloved stories in new and unique ways. As the series progresses, it has begun to explore more and more stories and take these characters on an amazing journey, with a great mix of current day adventures and flashbacks to life before the curse, this show always leaves me craving to see what happens next.

You can purchase Seasons 1-4 here and Season 5 here.


So those were my 8 Recommended TV Shows that I thought have remained Consistently Good. Did you agree with my list? What shows did you think should or shouldn’t be on the list? What would your Top 10 list look like? And what shows would you recommend me to check out that I may not have seen?

Leave it all in the comments below.

Thank you all for checking out my blog and keep an eye out for Part 2.