It’s that time of year again when one of my highlights of the year is on the television again… American Ninja Warrior!


I developed a great love for this show last year and was excited for the start of a brand new season just a few weeks ago.

But this year it has made me think about my own physical fitness. Since returning from my trip to Scotland just a few months ago I have really struggled with my healthy eating plan. I have been over-eating or eating larger portions than I usually need and I am making excuses for unhealthy options more easily. This is also coupled with the fact that I haven’t actively exercised since returning from the trip (and a little bit prior to it as well).


This may seem like a natural thing as most people look at themselves and think they could probably eat healthier, exercise more and drop a little weight, but for me it also has some serious health implications as I am a Type 2 Diabetic.

I became type 2 Diabetic at the ripe old age of 24 or 25, I can’t remember exactly and was between 250-300lbs, pushing a lot closer to the 300lbs mark.

Since being diagnosed I have been constantly aware that that the food I eat and the exercise I put my body through can help counter symptoms of the disease and push them off to later in life such as; Heart Disease, Kidney issues, Blindness and possible need for amputation of limbs.


I have vastly changed my diet and at last weigh in before my trip I was about 252lbs (I am 261lbs as of today) but this is a life long process that I need to keep striving forward with. I have become lax in recent months and this is something that I need to once again get on top of. I am doing this not only for my own life but because I want to have a long life with my Wife Hannah and I want to live long enough to see my children grow up and have children of their own.

Now am I intending to become as built as Arnold Schwarzenegger was in his Body Building days? No probably not. Am I intending to one day run the Ninja Warrior course? Maybe one day, but probably not for many years. What I am intending to do is to build up my fitness level, my cardio level (which has always been awful), strengthen my muscles, start eating healthier and drop my weight to around 210lbs.

The starting plan is to implement changes to my diet starting next week (as I do grocery shopping on a Sunday) and bit by bit improve my diet. And as much as I would love to go to the gym, I can’t afford the membership with a baby on the way, but I will start my work out DVD again.


Any tips for cheap ways to exercise and keep in shape would be great and any tips for healthy eating on a budget and for Diabetics would be amazing!


Hopefully I will be able to keep you updated and will be fitter, faster, stronger and healthier by this time next year.