Honestly if you have known me for some time you have no doubt seen me post on social media or talk about after being really busy for a period of time that I am once again starting to write the story for my graphic novel, only for the hype to build up and then it disappears into the background as a big dream with no real effort being made to put it together.

I have had the idea for my Graphic Novel series for a number of years, possibly around a decade at this point. I have the general story, the basis of the characters and the villains they will face and wrap it up in around 8-9 Graphic Novels depending in what year you ask me how many books in the series.

The idea came from a mixture of things. It first came to me when a friend of mine mentioned the idea of doing a comic based on our social circle and giving the people super powers based upon who they were as a person. Myself, he and another friend discussed this a little bit but nothing came from it.

Over time though the idea of this never left me and over time the characters based on my social circle came to life in my head and even after some of those ties have gone the characters that they inspired live on and with different power sets than my friend had originally given them. The team has grown and expanded and been shrank down for fear of too many characters and making them too shallow. But overall the characters have now taken their places in the story.

As with any superhero story you need villains and a setting for this battle to take place and as a Christian I was aware that the few Christian comic books that are out there were…. lets be honest, they suck.

Maybe suck is too harsh a word, but in all honesty they didn’t even begin to capture the attention the way companies like Marvel and DC could and even as a child and an avid comic book fan they left a lot to be desired or were trying too hard.


I wanted to write a real Comic Story that could reach out a catch people’s attention like the Big 2 comic companies while also having Christian values and Biblical foundation for what took place. An example that helped with this was C.S. Lewis writing The Chronicles of Narnia, the series was written specifically as a fantasy story but you can’t help but see the Christian story seeping out through the pages. I wanted to make the Bible the foundation to build a great superhero story based on people who’s live are turned around to something better, just like we see in Christianity itself. And the Big Bads, well there is plenty of Biblical concepts to build that on too.

But after years it did honestly feel like it would always be a dream in my mind, and no matter how many times I work on the stories and began to sit and write a script I would end up leaving it in the dust and move to something else.

But here I find myself on the brink of starting again, sitting down at a computer and taking the time to attempt my story and putting a script together for it. Not to write a little and over analyze it and rewrite it 50 times before I am through the first 2-3 pages and eventually stop. I don’t know why it feels different this time. Maybe because I have been writing this blog and it is helping me with the process of writing and editing my work and also to get good feedback and trust myself that I know what I am doing. Maybe it is the place I am in right now in life, that it is a good place to really start writing from. Or maybe God always intended for me to go through what I was going through and to begin writing now as I am a different person to the man that came up with my initial ideas for my Graphic Novel.

But to the small community that reads my blog (who I am very grateful to for taking the time to do so), I ask for your help. I ask for your prayers and encouragement going forward with my writing but also for you to hold me accountable to not just drop writing the script for my story this time but to keep pushing through, even when it gets tough and I get busy.

At the end of the day I would rather have written a story and pitched it to a publisher and have it fail that let it slip away and never have tried to create something I love and have put so much thought into over the last 10 years.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement and thank you for stopping by to hear me ramble today. And feel free to leave a like and a comment below or to ask any questions.