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Honestly this week I was unsure if I was even going to write a blog. I hadn’t been struck with anything that I felt passionately enough to write about. But there is something that has struck me in this last week that I have often thought about in recent years and months.

And that is Opinion, or more so the belief that we are entitled to not only have an opinion but to voice it loudly in order to change the opinion of others and even dictate to the creators of material to alter and change their ideas to fit in accordance with our opinions.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am not talking about personal lifestyle choices, nor am I addressing a certain Target Bathroom fiasco that has been making the rounds online, that’s a subject for a whole other blog post. Let me explain more the situation that raised this topic.


In last weeks release of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 the final page reveal was that the all american hero has actually been a double agent for terrorist organization Hydra (a more fanatical spin off group from the Nazi Party) since he was a child.

The country was in uproar, it was covered across almost every media outlet with people crying that they wouldn’t buy the comic, that they were ruining the legacy of the character, that it was disgraceful to the 2 men who created Captain America as they were both Jewish men. As a result this issue completely sold out at most Comic Book shops and even managed give competition to DC Universe Rebirth which was selling an 80-page comic for $2.99. And the reason for the outcry was people were unhappy, felt that they could write a better story than Nick Spencer and felt that their opinion should overshadow all the experience in the whole of Marvel and have them change the story to suit their vision.

And this is not an isolated incident. But things never used to be this way.




People have always had opinions of things that they are fans of. I grew up in a football loving culture (soccer for the Americans out there), although never a fan of it myself I knew part of the culture was to be sitting in the crowd or at home yelling at the players when they messed up and what they should have done different but in all honesty the opinions didn’t mean much and no matter how good the advice may be, it never influenced the coach or the players in their jobs or what they did. Why? Because the coaches are the professionals, they are the ones that have been involved in the game for years. Most have been former players or been coaching young kids and worked their way up to professional leagues for decades. The players are professionals and spend day in and day out training how to play the game better and people watching the game and thinking they know better most of the time don’t. Don’t get me wrong, on occasion the opinions can be valid and helpful but this isn’t as often as we would like to believe.

But what has made this opinion giving more noticeable in recent years compared to before.


Of course, it is the internet. A device of amazing knowledge and connectivity that all of a sudden gives humble ordinary people the feeling of authority and prominence that we can voice our opinions on matters and have them be considered as important as the input of the people that we are aiming our opinion towards.



I used to get caught up in this, during my years as a hardcore Wrestling fan I was one of the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) and was very much a John Cena hater as was, and still is the trend, in the WWE.

John_Cena_pro                                    download

I hated how much his Superman, can overcome everything gimmick can overcome any obstacle and the way he was shoved down people’s throats as the face of the company and many would argue this is still happening with him and with WWE’s New face of the company, Roman Reigns. But only after a few years of being involved in this did I realize how poisonous this was and question why did it get to me and make me so angry. I was passionate about Pro Wrestling but this was bringing the worst out of me.


We seen this recently in the movies with Batman v Superman too.


Fans were greatly split over their opinion of Batman v Superman with there being seemingly little to no middle ground with most voices being in praise for how amazing it was while others in sheer outrage at how awful their favorite characters had been handled.

Director Zack Snyder was sent Death threats and had an online petition seeking for Warner Brothers to remove him from the franchise before he ruined Justice League Part 1 which was already beginning production.


The internet has allowed a place for passionate fans to share their opinions about the things that they love and share their joy or outrage towards what happens within it. But because of the accessibility to a voice and access to voice that opinion openly and towards those involved in decisions we are taking it upon ourselves, the everyday man and woman, to show the experts in their fields of sport, writing, cinema or anything else, where they are going wrong when we used to go along for the ride and enjoy the story and be in anticipation of what happened next. And being online seems to amplify the negativity and when we seek to complain we can become more angry, spiteful and malicious in the way we seek to protest something we don’t agree with.

How do we change these things without becoming like this? What will the people listen to that will also allow us to no longer become amateurs yelling at the experts in venomous rages?


That’s right, it all comes down to money. You, as a passionate fan, want to make a point to the creators or the people that bring you that product, take away their money.

This actually was made clear to me by Comic Book Youtuber, Comicstorian during this Week’s The Weekly Pull Podcast.

You want to show Marvel that you aren’t happy with Captain America being a double agent for Hydra then don’t buy the rest of Captain America: Steve Rogers.

You don’t want to see John Cena or Roman Reigns continue to be pushed and be WWE Champion then don’t watch the show, don’t buy their merchandise and don’t pay for the PPV’s.

You don’t like how Zack Snyder is handling DC’s Cinematic Universe then don’t watch Suicide Squad or Justice League Part 1, Don’t buy the Batman v Superman extended Blu-Ray edition when it’s released.

Don’t watch the show or go see the movie. Stop buying Season tickets to see your favorite sports teams. Don’t buy any more of that comic series.

Because when those numbers drop then that is when they will see a big difference and make a change to the content. They will see the fans don’t like that enough to stop paying for it and want to win you back.

If you don’t want to do that then I am sorry but 99% of the time you will need to just be along for the ride as very little else says your dislike for a product and in such strong a way.

But trust the professionals who have trained in their respective fields that they know what they are doing and let them weave a story for you and see where they want to take you. I am not saying don’t have an opinion but stop the venomous angry opinions intent on proving others wrong because they do like how something is and don’t expect it change those providing the entertainment.

I’m sorry but your opinion is not always as valid in these areas.

Thanks for joining me on my rambling.

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