I have been thinking about subjects for this weeks blog, something that could be entertaining and enjoyable or maybe something thought provoking. I was leaning more towards writing about movies rather than comics today, but something strange happened.

As I began to write, I realized I was forcing it and I never want to force a post on here, I want to write what I am feeling and today that is something rather special.

We found out that Hannah was pregnant just over 6 weeks ago. We had been trying to get pregnant for a few months, but this was still a shock that you don’t expect to hear until it happens. We were literally flying out that day to go to Scotland for my best friends wedding and chose to tell a select few about the newest addition to the family and wanted to wait until we had our first official appointment to announce to the world and make it Facebook official (because we really wouldn’t be having a baby unless it was on Facebook).

I knew it was our baby and even after we announced it and looked for things for the baby, it was stuff I knew I needed to do but it still hadn’t hit me that I was going to be a dad. I said to Hannah that it took some months after I was married for it to feel natural that I was married to her and that I expected that it would take time until it went from head knowledge that we were gonna have a baby til it fully hit me.

Little by little it has built, as we looked for Baby cribs and went through the stores, seeking the right themes for their bedroom and books we want to read to them. Seeing Hannah’s stomach grow vastly compared to what it was before. And finally I started to get excited yesterday when I went through a clothing store with Hannah and Julie and looking at all the things that I could get for my Son/Daughter. And bought them a set of onesies for newborns so that at the very least we would have some clothes for them when they are first born. Even though the excitement was building a little, I still hadn’t experienced the full realization that I was going to be a dad.

Today we had our 2nd appointment with the midwife and we had the opportunity to hear our baby’s heart beat. Almost as soon as the midwife put the machine on Hannah we found the tiny heart beat, beating so quickly, and tears formed in my eyes. I felt the rush of emotion that Hannah experienced that first day and the excitement that my child was in there, growing and forming. Everything else, all the stuff that seemed so important all of a sudden doesn’t seem to matter. What matters is my amazing wife and our child.

The realization hit that I am about to become a father in about 6 more months and I cannot wait. I can’t wait to get all the clothes for him/her, to find the right baby buggy and get the right  crib and furniture for their bedroom. I cannot wait to clear all the stuff out of storage in the spare room and turn it into theirs. I cannot wait to hold him/her and see their smiling face, to play with them and feed them and let them know how much they are loved.

I cannot wait to see them be spoiled by grandparents and by aunts and uncles and to let them meet the amazing family that they get to be part of. To see them all in person and to have amazing skype calls back to Scotland.

I cannot wait to hear them talk, and to say dada for the first time. To hear their wonderful mix of American and Scottish accents with a wonderful mixture of American and Scottish vocabulary.

I cannot wait to see what their loves and interests are; whether they love sports and become and athlete, love music and play and instrument, love art and become a painter or comic books like their dad. To see if they want to shoot for the highest heights or life a simple life.

And I cannot wait to see them get to learn who Jesus is and learn to love and trust him as their Lord and best friend and know that no matter how much comes their way that He will be there for them, just like me and their mom will be.

6 months and the real journey begins and I cannot wait, I Love You already, I’ve never met you but I Love You!

So yeah, that’s how I am feeling today.

Thank you for letting me ramble on this, an expect many more baby rants to come following this. But Honestly, after hearing that wonderful heartbeat today, nothing else felt even remotely important enough to write about.

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