“Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.” – Paulo Coelho


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome back to my blog, has it really been two and a half years since I wrote a blog? I can only imagine how long you have been putting your lives on hold and sitting with bated breath for my next update.                                                                                                            Honestly it isn’t for the lack of trying, I have attempted to write on a few different topics over the last couple of years but unfortunately it never seemed to stick. But the main reason that I haven’t really written over the past 30 months is quite simply I have been rather busy.

Why begin to write now though after all this time? Is it because my life is free enough to write again? Not necessarily, in fact it is really as busy as ever. Is it because I have something God has strongly put on my heart? Not really in this instance although this has happened before and undoubtedly will again. This is more of an update. Honestly? It’s more to do with I am going to see Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice on Saturday and wanted to write a review of it and thought it best to fill in the gaps for the last little while. Also I can use this to keep people back home up-to-date with my life and what is happening.

I have changed pretty much everything you can think of from Marital Status to Employment status, from the Country I am living in and along with it the home I live in, church I attend and where I spend my time and with whom.

So all in all I would say my Life is going pretty well! I got married to the love of my Life and we are approaching our 2 year anniversary as well as having been in our own home for the last 6 months. It’s just a rental place for now but it’s ours to get on our feet and hopefully we will be looking for a home of our own soon.

Also I am living in America now which  is pretty amazing and also comes with some hardships too. There are a lot of things to get adjusted to changing country. Simple things become really complicated like the exclusion of the letter “u” from certain words and the replacing of the letter “s” with the letter “z” in others, apparently America felt “u” was a rather unnecessarily overused word whereas “z” definitely wasn’t used to it’s fullest potential. Also I am still occasionally stumped and feel I will forever be stumped by the date being written as 03/23/16 rather than 23/03/16. And this is very minimal things, not even getting into the different words used for different things or unusual pronunciation of certain words. I never reali”z”ed there would be so much to learn here. I haven’t even touched on lack of Sidewalks (Pavements to us Scots), street lights or even public transport.                                                                                                                                                       But there are a lot of great things to living in America too.

I cannot explain how amazing it feels to go outside in the middle of March and feel 80 degree heat (25 degree Celsius) not to mention to 90 degree heat that it can hit during the summer months. And to have that accompanied but clear blue skies is unbeatable when you come from a country plagued by constant downpour. And something in America which is pretty amazing is the sheer size and variety of things. You get massive portions which you automatically get to take leftovers no matter what restaurant you go to, as well as ordering a Coke means it will be topped up unlimited times for free.                                     Also I love that I can be in the middle of Richmond and still feel like I am in a secluded country road.

And one of the best things is finding a Church that Hannah and I can call home! And after a year or so of attending the Sunday Morning Services there and awaiting to hear where God was leading us and where he wanted to place us, one Sunday he set us at peace and that our place, at least for right now, would be in Richmond and as part of WEAG. And we responded by jumping in with both feet and getting involved with the amazing ministries that they have. And there is a lot of them as it is a church with 3 Sunday morning services, a congregation of thousands and a youth ministry alone that rivals the numbers of my home church.

We decided to jump in the deep end and get involved in an annual Church event called Glorious Christmas Nights (GCN). This years was entitled Sincerely Yours. What happened was Hannah got really excited for it and wanted to audition for one of the Villains roles (Ursula from the Little Mermaid) and I ran lines with her. I read lines of the Joker (from Batman) and Hannah said my Joker was really good and I should try out which I was unsure about. We ended up both auditioning and unfortunately Hannah never got the role she wanted but did an amazing job in all the roles she played throughout it. And I never got to play the Joker as the character was changed but was Cast as Mr. Smee alongside Captain Hook. I had 4 words of Dialogue and 4 songs and you know what I gave it my all, lol! Honestly it was so much fun, although tiring, to be a part of GCN but in terms of getting plugged in with the church it was the best thing we ever did. You are put in a scenario where you share a stage and scenes as well as a dressing room with all these people for 3-4 months and have no choice but to get to know them more. And I feel more part of the church as a result now. And to top it off we may just be group leaders of GCN for any new people that join the amazing production next year.

Hannah already worked with the 2 year-olds every second Sunday but we applied to work with the Youth Ministry, Seek, a few weeks ago and that has been great and also challenging. Their way of youth ministry is different from my previous experience and the youth are completely different from the Scottish Youth but it is what I wanted to have, an opportunity to learn how American youth groups functioned and how to connect with American youth. I know there is a lot to learn in this new ministry but I am excited to be part of it and excited to bring my skills, giftings and talents to the table to help them too.

And to top it all off, 2 weeks ago we attended the Membership class and became full fledged members of WEAG.

Well I think you are officially caught up with everything! You might be wondering after a year like that then what could be ahead for me in 2016.


Hannah and I will be returning to Scotland in just 2 weeks for the first time in almost 2 years (3 for Hannah). I am attempting to get ready for my Driving test and get my first ever driving licence. And in September I will be attending my first ever Comic Con when Wizard World Comic Con comes to Richmond. And that is only the tip of the Iceberg.

Thank you for Joining me and I hope you will come back to check out more stuff I am bound to write and ramble about!