“Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” Mathew 22:37-39 (NLT)

God has been working a lot in my life as of late. I have went through some tough struggles, and dealt with issues that I never realised were there and issues that, I believed, were an integral part of who I was as a person.
But in the midst of all that God was doing in me, I had no idea that something would impact me the way that a random link posted on Facebook would touch my life.

A page that I liked, usually posted pictures and videos focusing on relationships and how best to live in a Godly relationship, How to treat your Spouse and to love them, so when I saw a video posted called ‘Furious Love’, I initially thought nothing of it until I had a closer look and realised it was too long to be just a little video to encourage you in your relationship and noticed they had said above the link that it was free to watch the whole thing until midnight! I decided that I would watch about 20-30 minutes of it and just kinda see what it was like and I ended up sitting for the entire film as God showed me a revelation of Love and put a new call upon my heart!

Here is the link to the trailer for ‘Furious Love’:

Also I found a great video, it has exerts of some of the most powerful segments from ‘Furious Love’ mixed with other clips to make a stronger impact:

It really is just a teaser for the film and probably won’t do it justice but if there was a video worth getting the DVD of, I think this is honestly it and no doubt I will get it as soon as I can!

Maybe this Revelation of Love is nothing new for you, I pray and hope that it isn’t a new thing and you know and have experienced what I am talking about. What I got from this film, was the realisation of Love and the importance of Love in our lives and in our relationship with God and others.

Some may read this and think, well I know all of that and I am sure to some degree we all realise how important Love is, we know to Love our friends and family and if we’re Christian we know to Love God and we know that we should Love others and that if people Loved one another around the world it would be a much better place.
Yes! We all know Love to this extent that it is knowledge in our head but knowing and understanding is a completely different thing.

I grew up in a modern Pentecostal church, I gave my heart to God when I was a just 9 Years-Old and have to parents that have been Christian all of my life. I went to Sunday School, and Kids Club and Youth Group and was part of leading all of those as well as being involved in pretty much everything in church, my life has revolved around the church from a young age and I have heard from the Bible all of my life. For the most part you could say I had the perfect start in terms of being a Christian and having a relationship with God.

I, however, fell into a trap that I have come to see as a trap that a lot of Christians, in the West at least, often fall in to. Although we learn about Jesus Christ and we learn about the power of God and begin to grasp what God is capable of and that He has shown us Grace and forgiven all of our sins.
One of our main teachings, that I have heard at least, is that there is nothing we can do to get into Heaven, on our own we aren’t good enough, that’s why Jesus had to come down as a man on earth and die on a cross. To remove our sins and allow a path to connect with God and to go to Heaven.
This is preached so often, I have said it myself on numerous occasions, yet we end up living lives that are relient upon us being ‘good enough’ to go to heaven and is relient upon our ‘doing’ and our ‘actions.’

I fell into this trap for a long long time, I became so focused on trying to be good enough and trying to do the right thing so that God would continue to be accepting of me. And of course I couldn’t do it, and when I didn’t do it I became a down and dreary person and felt like a failure which made me try harder, but of course I failed again because no matter how hard I tried it wasn’t enough, it isn’t relient on me, that’s the point.

I think this is partly to do with the influence that the world around us has, it will always have an effect, there is no controlling that. What we can control is how much of an effect it will have. Our society has been greatly influenced by the Modern Movement, which is a movement that has moved beyond the ‘irrelevance’ of Religion and focuses on things Scientifically proven, stuff that can only be tested in the realms of the senses. This causes us to shut ourselves off to the existence of the supernatural world and ignore it is there and focus on us, right here, right now.

How does all of this link to what is spoken about in ‘Furious Love’?
It links because if you become so focused on what you are ‘doing’ to be in line with God’s Laws ten you start to treat others the same, your first reaction is when you see them doing something ‘wrong’ is to correct the issue and ‘fix them’.

This is called being Religious and is the exact behaviour that Jesus himself calls the Pharisees out about during his time of ministry. They constantly belittle people and make them feel like they weren’t good enough for God and couldn’t be accepted but gave them no way to change that and just left them feeling alone, worthless and as if they were a failure.

The Bible verse I quoted at the start is Jesus response when He is asked “What is the most important Commandment?” And He boils it down to 2, Love God and Love People!
It does make me curious then why when we are asked as Christians what we are meant to do that we will almost always quote as our mantra Matthew 28:16-20.
This is known as the Great Commission and states that we are to 1) Make Disciples 2) Baptise them 3) Teach them all of Jesus Commands.

Before I get hate mail, I am in no way saying this verse isn’t important and isn’t a necessity for Christians to adhere to, as Jesus final words and commands to us I think it is very important and we should be doing this.
I however question this command overriding ‘The Greatest Commandment’ to Love.

As Christians I think that our biggest calling is Love. It is not our job to change people’s lives, it is not our job to get people saved, it is not our job to change their behaviour so that we do not see them go to Hell. It is fine to want all of this for someone but this is not our job, if we try to do this, even with the best of intentions, we are taking a role that is meant to be filled by God, the Holy Spirit is the one that brings people to Salvation through Jesus and changes their lives. We shouldn’t become so focused on showing people the teachings of Jesus Christ and seeing their lives transformed that we forgot that we have a responsability to follow Jesus teachings too, and that all starts with following His example of Love, He helped people and healed people because they had a need. He never questioned how often they went to church or prayed or if they gave money to the poor, He just saw a need and met it.

We are called to do the same. As Christians we are called to show love to people, it doesn’t matter if they are Christian or an athiest or from another religion, what country they come from, their skin colour, the language they speak, whether they are an abuser, a liar, a thief, an adulterer, a Homosexual a prostitute, involved in the occult, etc.
There are a number of things that the Bible speaks out against, does this mean we are changing our stance on any of this? No! Of course not!
What it means is that we do what Jesus did, we stop looking at the sin and start looking at the person.
Focus on showing Love to the person regardless of their sin and their issues and everything changes.
Focus on the person’s sin and you are more than likely going to push them away from meeting God, but focus on the person and watch their life be totally transformed forever, this doesn’t mean that they will get saved and come to know Jesus that day or even in the near future but it means that you are seeing the person and building something positive up in their life that God can make flourish and use to bless them even more in years to come.

We need to come to people not with an intention of them becoming Christians, although I would think we all hope that for the people we encounter, but we should go to them to meet a need and show them Love for no other reason other than we want to Love them. That is what God did for us. He did, and still does, show us Love and accepts us as family long before the transformation takes place and our lives are forever changed.

And if that is what God himself does for us today, that is what Jesus Christ did around 2,000 years ago when He was on this planet, they I think we should look at ourselves and think that maybe the most important thing we are called to and meant to do, is to show Love.

This was Jesus True Message:

“So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”” – John 13:34-35 (NLT)

Thank you for Reading, if you have enjoyed the article and it has helped, if you agree or disagree with things that have been said or have any questions, Please comment below and let me know.