Hello Readers,
(Really need to think of an opening greeting, any ideas let me know.)

Welcome to the start of my new Blog! Whether you know me or have just stumbled upon my page here, I am glad you are here and hope that you enjoy my writings.

I have had it on my mind to write a blog for a little while. I had a go at this once before a few years ago and just hope that this time round it is a little bit smoother than the last one. But hey, I’m on WordPress.com now so what could possibly go wrong.

This first blog isn’t really about about anything specific, who really ever knows the perfect way to start one of these things off.
But the reason that I have decided to start blogging again is just for the opportunity mostly to share what God is doing in my life and the story of the journey that God is taking me on as I go through a period of change and transformation into the next part of my life!
I am also an avid Movie & TV Show watcher, Novel and Comic Book Reader as well as a fan of sports such as Professional Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts and soon to be getting into American Football as a Broncos Fan (My Fiance’s family will be pleased at that one). So from time to time these subjects may also have a habit of appearing in here either in a beneficial manner or just a random rant for no real reason.

One of the main reasons though for this Blog is to inspire people and encourage them forward in life and most importantly in their relationship with God! And they say the best way to share the Gospel is to live it, so I will share some revelations and struggles on here too in order to help others that are going through the same, or similar problems!

Also I want my blog to be open to questions from people that are going through stuff and want help and guidance or even just to ask me questions about faith and life or my opinion on things. You can of course ask on here or if you have me on twitter or Facebook you can message me their too! Of course everything will be confidential and I will save questions to answer in a solitary blog dedicated to questions, unless one specific question requires a blog dedicated to an issue or subject!

I hope you enjoy reading what will come as I am sure I will enjoy writing it and I am glad that you have decided to start this journey with me and hope that you will continue it with me as I go forward!

Until Next Time